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Pumping of Shitcoin is the practice of increasing the value of any crypto token or coin in the shortest possible time. 


Why would you wait for many months for your crypto asset to moon when we can pump any coin to over 10,000% in just 5 minutes. What is means is that with a small capital, you can make 100x of your investment, turning $100 to $10,000 and $1,000 to $100,000 in just few minutes.

PumpShitcoin is committed to bringing this opportunity to your doorstep. We are the only legitimate and consistent pump group on the internet. With over 20,000 active members who are passionate and committed to becoming Crypto Millionaires within the shortest possible time.  

Our pumps are in the average of 10,000% to 20,000% increase in value in only a few minutes causing the biggest FOMO in the industry. 



Our team of experts analysis a shitcion with the following features:


We ensure that every coin that will be eligible for our pump must be at least 2 months of age. This is because we always make sure that it is not a honeypot as most honeypots last only a few days. Secondly, our Inhouse Analysts looks at the trading history to ensure that anyone can buy and sell. 

Locked Liquidity:

We ensure that the Liquidity of every token we are pumping is locked for at least 1 year. This is an extra effort to keep all our subscribers safe. 

Ownership Renounced:

When the ownership of any shitcoin is renounced, it is usually difficult for the creator to manipulate it by increasing the sell tax, and minting more tokens. 

Verified Contract:

This is an added feature, to ensure the authenticity of the token that is eligible for pump. 


Honeypot Check:

We use more advanced technology to ensure that the shitcoin is not a honeypot. And we can say that we are always 99.9% sure that an eligible shitcoin is not a honeypot. 

After the analysis which usually take hours of hard work to ensure that our subscribers are safe even as they make their own research, we notify all our subscribers on the coin to safely buy, at a particular time that will be announced 48 hours before. 

Please refer to this section to learn more on how to participate in the Pump.



  • No Prepump
  • No VIP
  • Zero Rugpull

Everyone has an equal chance, and your profit or loss depends on risk management, greed, or fear. 




How do I join Pump Channel?

Click here to join the Pump signal channel on Telegram. or simple hit us on Telegram Handle PumpShitcoin_com

Where Can I learn how to trade of Shitcoin?

Please check the tutorial section our website and ensure you learn before you participate.

Is pumping Shitcoin Legal?

Crypto unlike Stock is not regulated by anybody, therefore, we do not know of any law, that makes is it illegal. 

How much can I make per pump?

It depends on your investment apatite and strategy. Some of our subscribers has reported turning only $20 to $2000. 

If you have further questions you may contact us in our telegram handle

PumpShitcoin Group offers amazing opportunity for any one who want to wealthy by growing his or her crypto assets within the shortest possible time. 

Why would you wait for many months for your token to moon, when you can participate in a Pump Signal and raise money for that your pressing financial need? 

Join us today and begin the journey of an amazing life!



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