How to Fund TrustWallet with BNB

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Step One

Download apps TrustWallet and Binance in Apple Store or Play Market

Step Two

Create an account in Trust wallet and save a 12-word recovery code

Create an account in Binance and pass verifocation

Step Three

In order to take part in the pump, you need to upload a BNB coin to the trust wallet, for this we need to purchase it on the binance exchange.

To do this, go to the main binance page and click "Wallet"

When you are on the 'Wallet' page in the 'Overview' section you need to go to the 'Spot' section at the top of your screen

At the 'Spot' press the magnifying glass to find the coin you need, exactly BNB and than press it.

After switching to BNB, select ‘Buy with card’ and re-select BNB which will automatically be at the top of the list.

Enter the amount you need and click Continue. Then add your card details and complete your BNB purchase

Step four

After buying BNB you need to sent this currency to another wallet, exactly Trust wallet

When you get to the start page of your ‘Trust’ wallet, press to go to the “BNB” coin

Than click on 'Receive' where the address of your wallet will be displayed to which we will send ‘BNB’ from the Binance that was replenished earlier

Click "copy" to copy our wallet number to Trust Wallet

Returning to the Binance app. Now we need to send our “BNB” which we bought earlier from our Binance wallet to our Trust wallet.

Go into the wallet, click 'Overview' and than 'Withdraw'

Click 'BNB'

Insert the address which we copied in the Trust Wallet, select Network "BEP2", specify the sum and click "Withdraw"

Confirm the transfer

You have BNB on your balance!

Congratulations, you have BNB in your wallet and ready to partake in the pump signal.

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